"The Combi has improved the speed, throughput, and quality of our lobsters."
~ James Slattery; Executive Chef,
Big Fin Seafood Kitchen, Orlando, FL

James Slattery, the Executive Chef at an independent full service upscale casual seafood restaurant, Big Fin Seafood Kitchen, had a great idea and a big problem. His Monday night special featuring a $13.95 lobster dinner was a huge hit, but the restaurant's small steamer just could not keep up with the high demand of steaming over 200 lobsters during the 5 hours of service.

"The Combi has been a GODSEND"

The result? Big Fin Seafood Kitchen purchased Piper's Electric Combi Steamer HME 072 and they haven't looked back. According to James, "the Combi has been a GODSEND. It has eliminated the need for an extra cook on Mondays as well as being a great production tool. The equipment continues to exceed all of our expectations, so much so, that we even spec'd out the same unit for the new restaurant we are designing." James also indicated that the Combi has helped his restaurant in many other ways as well. "We use it for prep during the day for such items as; green beans, asparagus, and desserts! In the evening we use it as a regular oven and Mondays it's our lobster steamer."

"...Piper's equipment continues to exceed all of our expectations..."

When we asked James if he would consider buying from Piper Products again, he replied "We plan on buying four new Piper Combis as well as several other pieces of Piper Products equipment for the new concept we are designing. We are so pleased with Piper Products. We have always received the utmost care and have been extremely satisfied with the support from Piper."

Big Fin Lobsters
Big Fin Seafood Kitchen
Orlando, FL
James Slattery
Executive Chef
Staff preps lobster