"Using the Anliker, veggie waste is cut by at least 40% compared to the previous chopper. It's like night and day."
~ Rosemary Diaz, Owner,
Cantina Fresh Mex Grill, three locations, Miami, FL

The Fresh Mex Quick Service Restaurant notion, such as the Cantina Fresh Mex Grill, is a concept growing by leaps and bounds in the restaurant industry. Focusing on quick-serve dining which features a more upscale diverse menu but served in a "fast casual" dining experience, the food is super fresh and made right in front of you.

Rosemary Diaz now owns three Cantina Fresh Mex Grills in different locations in Miami, FL and decided to buy from Piper Products after seeing a demo at a tradeshow in Orlando, FL earlier this year.

When we spoke to Rosemary Diaz about her experience since purchasing two Anliker GSM-XLs and one Anliker GSM4, she raved about the simplicity of use and the cost savings generated at her three restaurants. "Using the Anliker, veggie waste is cut by at least 40% compared to the previous chopper we used. It's like night and day. We also save an average of 15 hours per week, per store, on just chopping." When asked what specifically she uses the Anlikers for, she indicated that they chop all their veggies, like tomatoes and onions, for their guacamole and pico de gallo, as well as chop all their chicken.

Rosemary also indicated that the machines have been extremely easy to use, "All parts are easy to remove and clean. We also received in store training from a Piper rep upon receiving our first 2 machines and I was extremely impressed when I was able to demo a machine before purchasing it."

When asked if she would buy from Piper Products again, she happily replied,

"YES! I recommend this machine to ALL the restaurant owners I know."
Cantina Fresh Mex grill