Chef System ovens come fully equipped with a 250ºF. (121ºC) thermostat, product probe, power interruption alert, locking door handle, 4" (10 cm) locking casters, chrome wire racks, sheet pan and a 6 ft. (183 cm) attached cord with plug as standard. The following options and accessories are also available:

  • 350ºF. (177ºC) Thermostat (for Non-Smoker Models)
  • Perimeter Bumpers
  • Stainless Rib Rack
  • Casters: Large 5" (13 cm) and Low Profile
  • Stainless Steel Legs

The Piper Difference

Optional Perimeter Bumpers protect the Chef System ovens from the heavy-duty use of foodservice operations.

Drip Tray magnetically attaches to front base of all models to collect excess moisture.

Optional Stainless Rib Rack keeps ribs upright for perfect cooking every time. Holds 13 slabs of baby back ribs.

Locking Door Handle is now standard on all Chef System ovens.

Optional Heavy-Duty 5" (13 cm) Casters enhance the portability of the oven. (Adds 1" (2.5 cm) to standard height.) Not Shown – Low profile casters are also available (deduct 2" (5 cm) from standard height).

Amazing Standard Features

The compact height of the 5-pan models is only 34" (86 cm) which allows it to fit under most work tables, without sacrificing oven capacity. The power interruption alert and product probe are now standard features on all Chef System models. Best of all, the new Chef System is quality engineered by Piper for years of dependable service. That's why foodservice professionals count on Piper to keep their customers happy and returning for more.

Exclusive Roast-Air™ Cooking Process

combines 90% of radiant heat with 10% low velocity convection heat to brown food naturally without artificial coloring. Holding their natural juices and tenderizing them to mouthwatering perfection, Chef System is ideal for bringing out the peak flavor of both prime and economical cuts of meats.

Far less shrinkage.

Meats cooked in the Chef System shrink only 7-10% compared to 25% in conventional ovens. The savings mean greater profitability when multiplying this difference by the hundreds of pounds of product you cook in a year. Since most of the natural moisture is retained, overproduction can be refrigerated and reheated the next day.

Simplified Digilog Controller™ Providing the Benefits and Accuracy of Digital Operation with a Friendly Feel. A simple twist of the new, easy-to-use controls lets the operator go right to the desired selection on the message window. Chef System now offers the operator the flexibility to cook by time and temperature or cook with a probe. Fast, simple, easy!


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