"The Piper (HCM) Hot / Cold Mechanical is one of the
ONLY pieces of equipment in this building that's still
working great after 4 years!"
-Dean Day, Owner, Day's Bowl-A-Dome Bar & Grill

Day's Bowl-A-Dome, Bar & Grill has been catering to the bowling enthusiasts and party goers of northcentral Wisconsin since the Day family took over the business in 1952. Recently remodeled, Day's is a huge, domed facility, housing a dozen or so bowling lanes, a very small kitchen and a big bar area with tons of seating. On any given weekend, they are busy cooking up great bar food to feed 150-200 hungry bowlers, private partyers and corporate events. Even though the common areas are huge they are packed with people and tables, and the kitchen is very small, which is why they opted for an HCM for the open bar area and an OP-3-SL in their tiny kitchen.

"Our buffet has improved in appearance and quality by 1,000%. No more multiple crock pots in different places around the room, with the HCM, there's now no need."

The HCM, according to Jay, Kitchen Manager, fixes the issues of space and quality of presentation of the food. "We use the salad bar every day for lunch," according to Jay, "but on weekends we have the nacho bar and pizza and taco buffet on the hot side, and on the cold side we have our cold cheese and sausage and veggie trays. All self-serve. Our buffet has improved in appearance and quality by 1,000%."

Said with a smile, Dean Day's humorous comment about the Piper HCM being one of the ONLY pieces of equipment in the building that's still working great after 4 years, was sobering. He further drove home the high quality of the equipment being built at Piper Products by saying "This is a fine piece of equipment, and we have gotten more than what we paid for. It's been worth its weight in gold. Honestly, I just never have to worry about it. It's great."

The OP-3-SL hides in a small space in the kitchen area and is used every day for proofing and baking their buns, their meatloaf, and cooking anything that they would normally cook on a stove top. Jay, while highlighting the diversity of the OP-3-SL, admits, "Since we have no room for a stove top, we have no burners. So anything we would normally cook on a stove, such as our taco meat, cooks perfectly in the OP-3-SL."

Day's Bowl-a-Dome, Wausau, WI HCM OP-3-SL