"Our customers love the AD-20 because of the great price and the quality build of the cart."
~ Response from a representative of Direct Supply(DSSI), a nationwide provider of equipment, eCommerce and other service solutions to the senior living industry, when asked how they are so successful in selling the Piper AD-20 carts.

Customers love Piper's reasonably priced, fully welded and sturdy transport cart.

Innitially, when most customers consider puchasing a food delivery transport cart, they look at the price first. While the AD-20 is comparable in price to competitors' carts, it exceeds on how solid and sturdy it is built.

Customers are surprised when they discover that AD-20 carts are constructed of aluminum, because they look like they're made of stainless steel.

"Customers like the look of a stainless steel cart, but don't want to pay the stainless steel price. The AD-20 looks sharp, nice enough to keep out on the open floor with patients and visitors around."

Because the AD-20 is a closed cart, customers don't have the issue of trays sliding through the gaps of an open cart. Additionally, the AD-20's universal shelving allows for a variety of different tray sizes. And, with the units' whisper quiet casters, customers in the healthcare industry love it.

The AD-20 "quietly glides along the floors not disturbing sick or sleeping patients and visiting guests." The representative from DSSI expanded on this by saying that "many other carts start to rattle apart after some use. But Piper's cart is so solidly built, everything just stays together so nicely."