"... every kitchen should have a Piper Combi. "
-Donna & Gina; Garfield Middle School

In August 2009, Garfield Middle School in Hamilton County Ohio opted for the Piper Combi. From the time Gina and Donna get to school in the morning, the combi is hard at work cooking up a variety of breakfast and lunch options to feed to their 757 hungry students.

"Awesome piece of equipment."

According to Gina, "The combi is an awesome piece of equipment. The combi does everything ; my pizza, burgers, fries, even scrambled eggs. I can do almost everything at the same time. I never have to turn pans. The combi cooks all the food evenly, faster than my convection ovens."

"I would never use anything else in the kitchen."

Donna also says that she would never use anything else in the kitchen. "The combi is the greatest piece of equipment I have ever had. It cooks faster and the quality of the food is great! Everything is moist and colorful. The food lasts longer on the steam table lines and the kids love everything. The french fries always come out crispy and tasty too!"

Hamilton City School district has had 5 more Piper Combis installed in their school district.

"The training and the support have been awesome," raves Gina, "and there is no more setting a time or monitoring of the food."

Garfield Middle School, Hamilton County Ohio. Donna, Gina and their Combi HME 202 X.