Angled rotisserie hot food bar. Custom finishes attract customers and support the upscale

Showcase hot food lineup is finished in
stainless steel with an elegant
Caesarstone counter, clearview canopy
and fixed sneeze guard.

Custom Angled Hot Food Bar with curved
glass sneeze guard.

60" Island Round
Soup Bar

Radius Soup
End Cap

Oval Soup
End Cap Soup Bar

Soup bars are available as stand-alone units (round, or oval) or as end caps (1/2 round or rectangular) in several sizes. Custom finishes, counter tops and configurations are available to build your brand and create ambiance that boosts profits and customer satisfaction.

Filename Description Date Added File Size
  M-Inline/Service Hot Food Bar with Curved Glass Canopy
02.2017 592.6 KB
  M-Inline/Service or Self Service Hot Food Bar with Straight Glass Canopy
02.2017 611.2 KB
  M-Island Hot Food Bar
02.2017 600.6 KB
  M-Service Hot Food Line-Up
02.2017 782.6 KB
  M-Inline Soup End Cap
02.2017 984.9 KB
  M-Island Half-Round Soup Bar
02.2017 843.6 KB
  M-Island Oval Soup Bar
02.2017 741.3 KB
  M-Island Round Soup Bar
02.2017 771.1 KB
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