The Piper Difference

"Serving lines still look NEW after years of use!"
~ Robbie Fowler, Coordinator Nutrition Services for Metro Nashville Public School District

When the Metro Nashville Public School District decided it was time to start updating their districts' outdated cafeteria and buffet serving lines, Piper was there to help. Serving 23,000 K-12 students breakfast and 47,000 K-12 students lunch every school day required an experienced manufacturer working closely with the customer to ensure all their needs were met.

Robbie Fowler indicated that they decided to buy from Piper Products for many reasons. First, the quality of the Piper serving lines was outstanding. Robbie was quick to explain that Piper's cafeteria equipment has helped the district to serve so many students because the "equipment is extremely reliable and simply keeps food at the required temperature." With high volumes of hot and cold food being replenished on a moment to moment basis, food safe temperatures are an absolute must, and with Piper's patented FoodSafe™ technology and certification, Piper's serving lines consistently keep hot foods hot, and cold foods cold. The "all stainless steel" construction was another big reason Robbie's team chose Piper equipment. Since stainless steel is a common offering in serving lines, Robbie further clarified that Piper's equipment was a cut above because "many manufactures have steel frames on the inside that can rust" and Piper's equipment is literally all stainless steel, inside and out meaning high quality, inside and out. She was also excited about how stylish the equipment looked and details such as the classic sneeze guards Piper offered were a huge plus in their book. According to Robbie "the classic sneeze guard offered by Piper has round polished posts and tempered glass with a high end restaurant look we love, not an institutional look." Finally, Piper's willingness to customize the serving lines to meet the needs of Nashville Public School District has assured they continue to come back to Piper time and time again. Modifying the heights of the counters so the elementary students can self-serve has been just one of many customizations Piper has offered to help make Nashville Public School cafeterias run more smoothly and efficiently.

Over the past 12 years Piper has provided 67 individual lines to Nashville Public School District. They have been so pleased with Piper's equipment and the "outstanding support" Piper has offered, they have ordered six more lines to be manufactured for the upcoming school year. When asked what they loved MOST about the serving lines they received from Piper Products Robbie was quick to list that "they maintain temperature beautifully (both hot and cold), are easy to clean, and they still look new after years of use."