"The Piper OTR and Cool Breeze both fit PERFECTLY into my scheme. "
-Orval Quamme; Owner, Spoon-n-Yogurt

When Orval Quamme decided retirement was for the birds, he looked hard for something to keep him active and busy. In 2012, the fun and colorful Spoon-n-Yogurt, Wausau, Wisconsin's first self-serve frozen yogurt shop, became a reality. In determining what equipment to choose, Orval raves that the "Piper OTR and Cool Breeze both fit PERFECTLY into my scheme."

"Love the look [of the equipment]. Neat, attractive and very easy to use and maintain."

Needing to keep his 40+ toppings cold and fresh throughout day, toppings such as; cheesecake, brownies, 6 different types of fresh fruit, coconut, candies and cookies, Orval says that the Cool Breeze has been ideal for displaying fresh frozen yogurt toppings for self-service. In addition, he uses the OTR to stock all his juice, soda, and bottled water, keeping them cold 24 hours per day and within easy reach of his customers.

Orval further exclaims, "Working with the people at Piper has been terrific. They are open, responsive, competent people who are always quick to get back to me with any answer I may need." When asked if he would buy Piper products again, he happily answered, "Definitely. These are quality, quality products. I'm so pleased with them."

"Working with the people at Piper has been terrific!"
Spoon-N-Yogurt Equipment
Wausau, WI
Cool Breeze OTR