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Piper Focus Vol.50 - Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Case

Piper Focus Vol. 50
Volume 50
Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Case
Fold-Down Guard Keeps Food Fresher, Longer.
Piper’s Inline Prep Cases are loaded with features and 
options to help you make the best sandwiches in town!  
Cabinet Construction
• Refrigerated storage under cabinet with lightedshelving.
• Stainless steel prep counter includes 2 reversibleUSDA grade, 
   polycarbonate cutting boards, 2 trash chutes with removable 1/3
   size pans and recessedshelf space.
• Front glass on hydraulic lift system serves as pancover and front
   sneeze guard.
• Stainless steel canopy features glass end panelsand LED lighting
   with shatter shield and separateon/off switch.
• Hinged front panel allows easy access forcleaning and servicing 
   electrical and plumbingcomponents.
• Cold prep area accommodates 18 1/4 size pans(Pans sold

refrigerated sandwich case
Refrigeration System 
• Integrated self-contained refrigeration with blower coil system 
   wired tostandard refrigeration controls accommodate rear and
   countertop areas.
• Digital readout thermometer provided to verify cabinet temperature
  ismaintained between 38º and 40ºF.
• Condensate drains to floor drain.
• Rear refrigerated storage has a blower coil with NSF certified 
  coating, wire shelving,clear insulated sliding doors, incandescent
  lights and thermometer.

Sandwich case
• Powder coated interior and sneeze guard.
• Countertop to be laminate, solid surface or quartz engineered stone.
• Assorted colors available for countertop, laminate, vinyl bumper and powder coat.
• Available for glycol systems.
• Cord set available in lieu of junction box.
...And many more! Call today or visit or for more information.