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Piper Focus Oven-Proofer Combo

Piper Focus Oven-Proofer Combo

Oven-Proofer Combos Versatile enough to cook an entire Thanksgiving Dinner! DOPB-12-G Turkey, stuffing, bread, croissants, pies, and even good ole green bean casserole. You name it! Our oven/proofer combos can handle anything you put into them. They are available with oven capacities of 3, 6, 9 and 12 full-size sheet pans, so there is just the right size for your restaurant or bakery. For even more value and versatility, add the warming option to the proofer section. It is fully insulated and holds up to 225° to ensure your Thanksgiving dinner is served at the perfect temperature. Oven/ Proofer Combos from Piper: the all-in-one, space-saving solution to handle all of your baking needs. Visit for more information on our complete line of baking equipment.[...] Read More »

Piper Focus  - Quality so amazing it's Spooky

Piper Focus - Quality so amazing it's Spooky

Piper ovens are very versatile with slow roast and hold, smoke and hold or bake capabilites and come in 5 or 10-pan capacities. The exclusive Roast-Air™ Cooking Process combines 90% of radiant heat with 10% low velocity convection heat to brown food naturally and hold the natural juices inside. This means meats cooked in the Chef System shrink only 7-10% compared to 25% in conventional ovens, giving you greater yield.[...] Read More »