Protector Guards

Available in a variety of configurations. Cafeteria guards allow you to service customers with ease. Buffet guards allow for self service.

Tray Slides & Cutting Boards

Choose between 3-bar, solid, ribbed trayslides and cutting boards. Hinged and removable for easy transport and cleaning. Tray Slides comply with American Disabilities Act and can be mounted at any height.

Stainless Tops

Piper's Elite 500 gives you construction features you won't find anywhere else. Our standard stainless steel top is 14 gauge, while most others offer 16 gauge.


Our Reflections units offer Works-In-A-Drawer functionality for swapping out heat elements and basic electrical components.

Solid Surfaces

Solid Surface counter tops are available in several contemporary finishes giving you the performance of stone and the elegance of marble, with the everyday practicality, durability, and easy care stain resistance. *Optional

Locking Understorage

Store your products securely with locking cabinet doors. *Optional

Interlocking Connector

Bullet interlocks lock units together providing a seamless look while securing your lineup. All units are designed for modular installation - Mix and match cold or hot units to fit precisely the serving line you need.

Food Wells

Hot food stays hot with Elite's standard 1000 watt elements. Wells run wet or dry. Food wells are easily removed for cleaning with built-in drains.

Full Skirt

Hide those casters! With Elite's option to add skirting so that a smooth, even, to-the-floor look greets your customers, without unsightly casters or under the unit paraphernalia. *Optional

Heat Lamps

Units can be fitted with heat lamps to help maintain food temperatures. *Optional

Adjustable Height

Piper's Elite and Reflection units can be made with either manual crank or mechanical lift system to change height on the fly. *Optional

Domed Heat Lights

Units can be fitted with domed lights. *Optional

Piper Serving Lines

Durable All Stainless Steel Construction

  • Lengthen standard units up to 112" to fit your space
  • Options give you maximum line-up flexibility
  • Stainless, Laminate, or Powder Coat Finish Options

Seamless Fiberglass body complete with stainless steel top are durable for everyday use

  • Color Selections let you customize your line up
  • Hot Food units feature "Works in a Drawer" for easy maintenance
  • Add Tray Slides and Protector Guards to add functionality to units


19" compact Elite units

  • Perfect for tray make up lines
  • Features a narrow profile to fit in tight spaces
  • Laminate and Powder Coat Finishes Available

Filename Description File Size
Section B - All Reflection Spec Sheets
3.47 MB
Section A - All Elite Spec Sheets
3.26 MB
Spec Sheet Elite Heat-In-Base
411.9 KB
Cafe Buffet Elite and Reflections Mini
3.95 MB
Cafe Buffet Select Your Finish
366.2 KB
Spec Sheet Reflections Beverage Cooler
269.3 KB
Spec Sheet Elite Beverage Counter
251.4 KB
Spec Sheet Elite Cashier Stand
275.1 KB
Spec Sheet Elite Tray/Plate Stand
313.7 KB
Spec Sheet Elite Beef Ala Cart Unit
317.8 KB
Spec Sheet Elite Slimline Cold Food Ice or Mechanically Refrigerated
254.3 KB
Spec Sheet: Elite Cold Food Unit Ice or Mechanically Refrigerated
286.4 KB
Spec Sheet Elite Solid Top Unit
262.2 KB
Spec Sheet: Elite Bloomington Cold Extra Deep Cold Pan - Listed NSF/ANSI Standard 7
263.2 KB
Spec Sheet: Elite Cool Breeze Unit Listed NSF/ANSI Standard 7
263.1 KB
Spec Sheet Reflections Hot Food Unit
434.5 KB
Spec Sheet Reflections Corner Unit
239.6 KB
Spec Sheet Reflections Cashier Stand
244.2 KB
Spec Sheet: Reflections Bloomington Cold Extra Deep Cold Pan - Listed NSF/ANSI Standard 7
272.1 KB
Spec Sheet Reflections Hot Top
249.2 KB
Spec Sheet: Reflections Cold Food Unit Ice or Mechanically Refrigerated
271.5 KB
Spec Sheet Reflections Frost Top Mechanically Refrigerated
266.6 KB
Spec Sheet: Reflections Cool Breeze Unit Listed NSF/ANSI Standard 7
345.3 KB
Spec Sheet Reflections Solid Top Unit
257.3 KB
Spec Sheet Reflections Beverage Counter
259.6 KB
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