Cantilever Tray & Sheet Pan Dispensers


ATCA-ST-1014, ATCA-ST-1216, ATCA-ST-1418, ATCA-ST-1520, ATCA-ST-1622, ATCA-ST-2020, 2ATCA-ST-1014, 2ATCA-ST-1216, 2ATCA-ST-1418, 2ATCA-ST-1520, 2ATCA-ST-1622, ASCA-ST-1826

The frame is constructed of all welded heavy gauge stainless steel. The body is stainless steel on all sides and top, and is fitted with a stainless steel tubular push handle. Model 2ATCA-ST is constructed similarly to Model ATCA-ST except that it consists of a double size frame and body and has two independent tray carriers and dispensing mechanisms to accommodate two stacks of trays. The front panel is removable for adjustment access.

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Spec Sheet Cantilever Tray & Sheet Pan Dispensers
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