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Diamond D-8000

The Benchmark for food temperature maintenance in tray delivery systems. The Diamond D-8000 will maintain 140° food temperatures for 90 minutes plus when properly heated and used in conjunction with a heated plate, properly heated food, underliner and dome. Unit will accommodate most narrow rim 9" plates for meal delivery systems.

Only Piper's equipment has the advantage of FoodSafe technology and certification. This ensures that your food is kept "out of the DANGER-ZONE." Food spoilage occurs mainly because of rapidly accelerated bacteriological activity within the 40F-140F "DANGER-ZONE."

Since there is no simple way of knowing when the degree of contamination has risen to a level which could result in illness or death, chilling or freezing food rapidly is the only FoodSafe answer. FDA & HACCP regulations permit a maximum of 6 hours to chill food from 140 to 40 degrees, while some states now permit only 4 hours. This is 6 to 8 times faster than what traditional refrigeration equipment can accomplish.


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